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"Not ourselves
but the cause"
-Were your born in the United Kingdom or the British Commonwealth?
-Were your ancestors born in the UK or the British Commonwealth?
-Was your spouse or their grandparents born in the UK or the British Commonwealth?
-Are you a naturalized British or Commonwealth subject?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Daughters of the British Empire in Texas invite you to meet other dynamic women who like to have fun while doing for others less fortunate than themselves, as part of a nationwide philanthropic organization, 3000 strong, which raises money to support charities across the United States.

You will find many DBE women working in full-time professional capacities as well as volunteering in libraries, historical societies, churches and schools. Twenty percent of monies raised by the DBE goes to local charities of the chapters' choice while the rest is sent to Mountbatten House, an assisted living facility built and operated by the DBE.

The organization also works to foster an understanding of British and British Commonwealth cultures and traditions in the community.

DBE women enjoy many social activities together and have many occasions to celebrate their roots with other heritage societies in the various regions of Texas.

To find a Texas chapter near you click HERE.

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